Hierarchy Generator

This tools allows to generate a hierarchy picture, based on a CSV file which contains the following structure:

# Account Parent Account
1 Root Company CRYPTOCard
2 Service Provider Root Company
3 Service Provider 2 Root Company
4 Child Service Provider Service Provider 2
5 Subscriber Service Provider
6 Subscriber 2 Service Provider 2
7 Subscriber 3 Service Provider 2
8 Sub Subscriber Service Service Provider 2
9 Subscriber 4 Sub Subscriber Service

The above table (example CSV can be downloaded here), with selecting "Root Company" will generate the following examples:

Right Side Up

This is an example of a Right Side Up generation. Notice the CRYPTOCard is offset (this is a bug in the library)

Upside Down

This is an example of an Upside Down generation.

Include Capacity

This is an example of a Capacity included generation.